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Financial Planning Fees
When working with us on financial planning, we have two separate fees.
100 day plan

MUVADO’s 100 Day Plan gets you on track.

One fee for:

- Understanding what’s important to you
- Analysing your current financial situation
- Presenting your financial plan
- Provi
ding written financial advice

The fee for MUVADO’s 100 day plan depends on the complexity of your situation.

Muvado Membership

MUVADO’s membership keeps you on track.

One fee for:

- Answer any questions you have, anytime
- Adapt your financial plan to changes
- Hold you accounta
ble to your plans
- Review your financial arrangements at least annually

The fee for MUVADO’s membership depends on your service needs.

MUVADO's 100 Day Plan
Taking Flight

About you:


- Less than 5 financial products

- Household income £100,000 to £250,000

- Capacity to save each month

- Looking to climb the property ladder

- Potential for future career progression

- Looking for clarity on what’s possible

single/couple | £995/£1,495

Gaining Altitude

About you:


• Less than 10 financial products

• Household income £250,000 to £500,000

• Building long-term investments

• Living in your long-term home with a mortgage

• In a senior professional position

• Projecting when you can make work optional

single/couple | £1,995/£2,995

Flying High

About you:


• 10 or more financial products

• Household expenditure £100,000+ a year

• Complex tax planning for investments

• Mortgage free or repayment expected within 10 years

• Thinking about life after work or a change of pace

• Deciding what financial independence looks like

single/couple | £2,995/£4,495

MUVADO's Membership
Taking Flight
Gaining Altitude
Flying High

One page financial plan

Annual suitability reviews and report

Calculating your noodle budget

Investing your ‘money mother dough’

Basic estate planning

Checking your family are financially protected

in event of a catastrophe

Basic pension and tax planning,

including ISA utilisation

Capital gains tax planning

Cashflow projections updated every 3 years

Liaise with other professionals

Regular articles and videos

Our team available anytime

Children’s investments

Education fees planning from savings

Update cashflow annually

Using assets to meet expenditure

Annual allowance and lifetime allowance

planning for pensions

Company directors and partnerships

Technical estate planning, including trusts

annual stability

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