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Meet, Gregory
How I got here?

I've worked in the financial planning profession since 2014 and made my way through two high level qualifications.

After experience working with wealthy families, I found that helping people build wealth was more enjoyable than helping people preserve it.

That’s why I started MUVADO. A financial planning business created to help you build your ideal life.

Why I’m here?

Helping others reach the point they can do what you want, when you want, with who you want (financial independence) is enjoyable. 

To balance living for today while saving for tomorrow is difficult. I love getting into the numbers, and also considering the emotional side of money.

Providing clarity on the benefits and drawbacks of life's financial decisions is engaging and rewarding work. 

When I’m not at work?

I spend my time walking in the Chiltern Hills, visiting the local brunch spots with my fiancée Hannah, and looking after my dog named Binky.
I also re-started my football career after a six-year break, playing for Tring Athletic FC and am regularly bumped and bruised as a result.
Gregory Deer
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