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Meet, Kyle
How I got here?

I ran my own mortgage business from 2016 and have over 14 years’ experience as a mortgage adviser.

Realising many of my mortgage clients would benefit from an integrated financial planning service, I started studying to become a financial planner and qualified in 2022.

I met Gregory over a few beers at a networking event and instantly connected. Our shared goal to provide financial planning for those building wealth led to a couple of coffee meetings, and I’ve now joined Gregory as a business partner at MUVADO.

Why I’m here?

Getting people onto the property ladder, buying their dream home, or investing in property has kept me busy over the past decade or so and it’s been great to support my clients through that process.

From here, I’m looking forward to helping people align their money to what’s important to them. I’ve transformed how I manage my own personal finances and learned how to provide financial planning. I see sharing that experience and knowledge with others as my life’s work.

When I’m not at work?

I’m a busy father and husband. Trying to keep on top of my ever-growing garden while balancing family time and childcare can be tricky.
Early starts in the gym are a feature of my week as I try to battle my love of burgers and beer. At the weekend, I enjoy going out with my wife Chloe for a nice meal and leaning on my in-laws’ babysitting skills.
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