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Meet, Nazia
How I got here?

I’ve supported mortgage advisers for over 10 years and started working with Kyle in 2020 – hello pandemic! As Kyle moved to MUVADO, I was happy to move with him and continue providing support for his existing clients with their mortgage needs.

Why I’m here?

After working in bigger organisations, where data input was the only job of the day, I now enjoy connecting with our clients across their entire home buying journey. Chasing up solicitors, keeping our clients informed and ensuring the process runs smoothly is important to me. You’ll often find my name at the top of your inbox if you work with MUVADO.

When I’m not at work?

I love spending time with my family. I’m one of nine (!!) daughters and staying in touch with all my sisters, nieces and nephews takes up most weekends.

In the warmer months, I often walk to our office which takes over an hour. Doing my bit for the planet and my health!

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