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You don't need insurance ... until you need it

We rescued our dog, Binky, about a year ago.

She’s the perfect companion. Snuggly on the sofa and fun to walk.

Binky does, however, enjoy a dash into a thorny undergrowth looking for rabbits.

A couple of weeks ago, this passion for the hunt cost us.

‘A hardy mix breed terrier, insurance will be a waste of money and the insurance company WILL win’.

I was wrong.

A twig to Binky’s eye has meant some costly vet bills.

Antibiotics, gels, cleansers and 3 different eyedrops.

Plus, a word of warning. ‘Without an ophthalmic surgeon’s second opinion, there is a risk of glaucoma in a couple of months.’

We have an emergency fund made for this type of expenditure.

That doesn’t make the credit card bill reading for this month any lighter though.

An insurance policy would have:

  • Provided money to meet most of the unexpected cost;

  • Given peace of mind with additional money available for the ophthalmic surgeon;

  • Stopped a lot of stressful conversations about the most cost effective form of treatment.

I thought our dog was invincible. She wasn’t.

Maybe you think you’re invincible. You might not be.

Insurance. You don’t need it, until you need it.

We hope life insurance and income protection is your biggest waste of money.

It might not be.

If you’d like a conversation about covering your basic needs with life insurance and income protection, contact us to start a conversation.

Dog all fine now and back to her best. On lead walks for a bit though!


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